Lautsprecher SP-864QSM

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High-end speaker system extends display capabilities   The side-mounted speaker system... mehr
Produktinformationen "Lautsprecher SP-864QSM"

High-end speaker system extends display capabilities


The side-mounted speaker system delivers superior sound quality seamlessly combined with the 86" Large Format Displays MultiSync® C861Q and V864Q. The result is sound and vision excellence. The powerful audio performance makes the SP-864QSM a perfect fit for music and movie playback and also allows voice to be received with clarity from anywhere in the room.


The speaker's superior sound quality extends the display capability making it the ideal combination for video conferencing in corporate office and educational environments. It adds audio support for video playback in a variety of applications such as meetings and conferencing, product presentations or at the point of sale.



Delivering Genuine Benefits


Best of audio and vision - the ultra-low distortion speakers deliver excellent speech intelligibility, seamlessly combining audio and visual experience.

Perfect fit design - the unobstrusive and modern styling ensures a harmonious connection between the speaker system and the display.

Fast and easy installation - simply attach the speakers to the speaker bracket after mounting the display.

Clearly audible - the wide dispersion extends the sweet spot anywhere in the room, transmitting the spoken word with perfect claritiy to the participants of web or telephone conferences and remote meetings.

Sophisticated engineering with crisp audio - the solid MDF cabinet effectively minimises potential resonances and interactions with the loudspeaker.

Mission-critical 24/7 ready operation - with reliable, industry grade components and NEC trusted performance.

A commitment to quality - 3 years warranty to match the display warranty meets long-term demands and ensures peace of mind.

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